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Self-care is FUN-damental

My 30s became the turning point in my career.  Up til then I kind of floated, not really happy with where I was and what I was doing, but comfortable with it.  Teaching was my […]

Viewing play through a ‘scale of value.’

We have all I am sure been part of conversations (which ultimately turn into heated debates) about what ‘quality’ means in early childhood education and care, or whether or not things like worksheets, templates, stamps […]

Super hero play – what’s the fuss about?

There seems to be a lack of middle ground when it comes to super hero play and other play generally associated with violence and aggressive behaviour.  We’re either for or against it.  Those for superhero […]

Minimalism in play: De-cluttering play spaces to encourage innovation

I have been involved in early childhood education and care for almost eleven years now.  In that time, our general attitudes toward play and the resources that promote the ‘optimal’ types of play have shifted […]

Want to raise the quality of ECEC? Start by stopping the commodification of children.

In today’s world we seem to want to put a price tag on everything.  Free markets have always been accompanied by the notion that it will provide the consumer with options.  When it comes to […]

Considering children’s relationship with food this Christmas

Most adults will know that Christmas is often a time for ‘letting go’ when it comes to food.  We could have started a diet in October, effectively transitioned our taste buds away from having a […]

Social Justice is a Four Letter Word

Australia has just past legislation to bring same-sex marriage into law and give those entering into same-sex marriage the same rights and responsibilities of opposite-gender married couples under law.   The path to marriage equality […]

The key to social competence

Social competence or the view of it has been an area we have put a focus on over the past few decades.  Whether we called it behaviour management, positive guidance or…..discipline.  As well as the […]