What kind of vehicle are you?

I’m not a helicopter parent…or teacher. I think I am more of a tank, or maybe a passenger train…. I don’t know what I am, but one thing I do know is that I enjoy […]

Leadership: Harmony trumps self-glorification

What makes a successful leader isn’t the pursuit of glory, it’s the pursuit of harmony. Self-glorification is one of the many flaws of unsuccessful leadership. In an early childhood environment, you can tell the leaders […]

Fixing the gender imbalance in early childhood education…

While women do amazing work in early childhood – there is an obvious imbalance with men in most countries in the developed world comprising less than 7% of the total early childhood workforce in their respective countries. There is a need to promote more of a balance, not because of gender specifically, but because we are missing out on having some amazing teachers join our profession.