Did you know that noise levels can effect children’s oral literacy development?! It also effects how often and how long we speak to children as well, which makes sense if you think about it….

Having to contend with noise can be difficult, particularly when you have to deal with the layers:

“Let it Go” blaring through the speakers of the I-pod.

Children clanging and clacking instruments as loud as they can in an adorable attempt to follow the rhythm of “Let it Go” just as Elsa reaches her high note.

Some kind of construction going on directly outside the window

Your voice rises, their voice rises…pretty soon you’re having a competition just to see who can talk the loudest without your voices breaking – which by the way, I always lose.

Meanwhile, the number of words being spoken, exchanged, and replicated is next to none and the ones that manage to come out are barely audible. Then the inevitable happens and no one can be bothered trying to interact anymore, the vital moment for an adult to use words, phrases, and sounds that could exponentially expand a child’s vocabulary has been missed.

Silence sometimes can be more than golden, it can be crucial to child development. Calm, quiet, engaging environments (especially inside) are where optimal learning occurs.

Posted by Garrett Kett

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