What makes a successful leader isn’t the pursuit of glory, it’s the pursuit of harmony.

Self-glorification is one of the many flaws of unsuccessful leadership. In an early childhood environment, you can tell the leaders who put themselves first, even over the learning outcomes for children. They stand out like a sore thumb. They’re the ones on the covers of magazines, saturating marketing materials, the only name mentioned or there to accept it when team awards are being handed out.

The successful leaders, or how to tell the successful leaders from the unsuccessful ones is that they are never by themselves, they are never in front of anyone. They are the ones that when accepting awards are surrounded by cheering team members, that aren’t in the front but are among their team. Successful leaders praise their team rather than seek praise for themselves. These leaders are always less obvious because there are a lot less of them, and because they are happy to lead from the middle.

The real difference between the self-glorifying or glory seeking leader and the harmonic leader is that where ones team would fall apart should they be removed from the equation, the other’s team would continue to grow and succeed without them. The true mark of a leader is how well a centre functions in their absence, not how good the centre looks on the surface.

Posted by Garrett Kett

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