Month: July 2017

Silence can be golden….a golden opportunity to enhance learning

Did you know that noise levels can effect children’s oral literacy development?! It also effects how often and how long we speak to children as well, which makes sense if you think about it…. Having […]

Diary of a Desperate Teacher – A Day from Hell

My heart began to race as I pulled into the carpark. I turned the rear view mirror slightly so that I could see my eyes looking into it. “You can do this Jenny, pull it […]

What kind of vehicle are you?

I’m not a helicopter parent…or teacher. I think I am more of a tank, or maybe a passenger train…. I don’t know what I am, but one thing I do know is that I enjoy […]

Leadership: Harmony trumps self-glorification

What makes a successful leader isn’t the pursuit of glory, it’s the pursuit of harmony. Self-glorification is one of the many flaws of unsuccessful leadership. In an early childhood environment, you can tell the leaders […]

Fixing the gender imbalance in early childhood education…

While women do amazing work in early childhood – there is an obvious imbalance with men in most countries in the developed world comprising less than 7% of the total early childhood workforce in their respective countries. There is a need to promote more of a balance, not because of gender specifically, but because we are missing out on having some amazing teachers join our profession.